JustOne Solutions (JOS) provides world-class cybersecurity education to government and commercial clients. Unlike other providers, JOS does not sell one-and-done, ballroom-style courses. We build workforce development programs that assess your team, develop learning plans tailored to the individual, and then improve their real-world skills over time. In the classroom, we dedicate 70% of instructional time to hands-on learning. Students emerge from their courses with skills and knowledge that they can put to use immediately. And they’ll have the opportunity to learn from the absolute best of the best, with instructors who have worked on the front lines of top commercial and military cyber teams.

How can JOS Help?

For larger organizations, JustOne Solutions can help assess current skills and build that training roadmap (often a combination of internal training and JOS training) and provides these benefits:
  • Better security and fewer skills gaps
  • Improved employee retention
  • Reduced costs associated with wasted training investment and recruiting costs
  • Team skills validation
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  • All of JustOne Solutions’ instructors are seasoned cybersecurity subject-matter experts with many years of field experience in the private sector, military, and government.
  • Their training is 70% hands-on, with extensive use of real-world labs and simulations, including experience with actual malware captured “in the wild.”
  • Capstone projects that validate students’ understanding and apply what they’ve learned—outside the predictable confines of a textbook.
  • We have an average 4.9 out of 5 satisfaction rating from thousands of students.
  • More than 15,000 students from some of the country’s most prestigious organizations have received JOS’ training.
  • Trusted for a decade by the US Military and Government agencies to transform trainees into highly skilled cyber defenders.


How JustOne Solutions is Better: Traditional classes can be enormous (300-person ballroom style). JOS limits class sizes to 20 students, so each student gets meaningful one-on-one interaction with the instructor. Competitors’ trainings will always be at least somewhat generic in terms of technical environment, and companies can’t control the audience for security purposes. JOS can offer private trainings customized to your organization’s environment (operating systems, network hardware, network topology, etc.)
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  • Real-world skills improvements, beginning your employees’ first day back from training.
  • Cross-train existing IT staff and/or incubate entry level hires into qualified cybersecurity resources.
  • Ensure your team has the right fundamental skill sets to ensure cybersecurity now, as well as remain current by consistently updating their abilities as the threat landscape evolves.
  • Have proven confidence in training standards, quality, and results.
  • Reduce the expensive and difficult recruitment efforts for capable individual contributors enabling organic internal workforce development.

Training Disciplines

JustOne Solutions offers classroom-based, “boot camp”-style courses that equip cyber professionals with a cross-section of skills in these areas:

Foundational courses designed to provide noncyber professionals with the baseline skills they need to transition into a cyber career.
Advanced courses designed to enable effective incident responders, event handlers, threat hunters, and investigators.
Specialty courses designed for experienced analysts, enabling them to investigate complex or targeted threats.
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To identify opportunities for workforce development ask yourself the following:

  • Are you struggling to identify and hire quality security resources?
  • Do you have an internal training program? Does it effectively provide technical cybersecurity skills?
  • If you were to discover a breach tomorrow, do you have the right team to manage the response?
  • Are you confident that your current team would detect a breach or attack before it takes you offline?
  • What about breaches with no obvious/public evidence (e.g., IP theft / data exfiltration, etc.)?

Questions? Need more info?


Angela M. Mosley, Chief Education Officer Education & Workforce Development


Do you find their programs meet your needs for cybersecurity skills training? If not, we can help provide information and assistance to help you make the case to HR. We’re also happy to work with HR departments to help them incorporate our training into their programs.

In our experience we have found that clients who training their existing staff mitigate recruiting and hiring costs. Even if you still need the headcount, it’s often more cost effective (in terms of salary and recruitment costs) to train your IT employees than to hire already experienced cybersecurity pros.

That’s always a possibility, but that could be a worthwhile investment because:

a) they will have already proved their abilities in your organization and environment, and

b) you will still avoid the cost and time of recruiting from the outside.

If you don’t provide your staff the opportunities to grow its very possible that someone else will and you would lose them anyway. This gives you an opportunity to invest in your staff while reinforcing their commitment to stay on board.

That’s a great reason to work with us! We can tailor the training content to reflect your actual IT environment to make it as relevant as possible for your team. We can customize on a range of key factors—such as your operating systems, network hardware and topology, mobile devices, software toolset, and more.

It’s true – we do train the elite security teams in the military and government. But we also work with many Fortune 500 companies in a similar role. It’s been our consistent experience that JustOne Solutions’ workforce development programs apply equally well to commercial and government environments. The underlying concepts and technologies don’t really differ in meaningful ways. Put differently, everyone uses desktops, servers, networking, etc.

Through JustOne Solutions, your people will develop skills that will set them well along the path to being able to achieve numerous certifications. Our model equips your employees with the on-the-job skills needed to excel in their jobs AND pursue certifications.

Through JustOne Solutions, your people will develop skills that will set them well along the path to being able to achieve numerous certifications. Our model equips your employees with the on-the-job skills needed to excel in their jobs AND pursue certifications.

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