Organizations engage JustOne Solutions (JOS) to tackle business process, master data, ERP and other critical projects, leveraging our focused expertise to help ensure success, minimize risk, and achieve compliance. We provide a best-practice approach to assist clients with the design and implementation of business processes and technology solutions, bridging the gap between systems integrators and client internal staff to ensure that technical solutions are in harmony with business needs as well as regulatory requirements.

Our unique security and compliance expertise combined with our knowledge of industry-leading software platforms enables us to select and deploy solutions that best fit your needs. As a result, our clients are able to identify and mitigate risks, as well as avoid the cost of reimplementation due to inefficient and improperly
selected solutions.

How can JOS Help?

  • Developing detailed software requirements that map to client’s business, technical, and compliance requirements.
  • Creating tailored RFPs and managing the solicitation and RFP process.
  • Redesigning business processes in conjunction with deploying a new software solution.
  • Analyzing and optimizing key processes that are managed through existing systems.
    • Providing project leadership and management across all involved parties: JOS, the client, and third parties.
    • Leveraging extensive experience spanning very large, complex, and international projects
  • Facilitating and managing GRC software selection, vendor evaluation, and implementation project management.
  • Developing and implementing access management separation of duties (SoD) frameworks, provisioning solutions, emergency access, and user recertification processes or technology.
  • Helping organizations with remediation and/or implementation of role/group based application security.
  • We provide an independent assessment of IT processes and technologies, working closely with M&A teams to identify risks and appropriate mitigations to support their objectives.
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    To identify opportunities for project advisory ask yourself the following:
    • Are you planning to replace and/or reevaluate your ERP, HCM, or other critical business applications?
    • Are you looking to improve the efficiency and/or accuracy of core processes around any of the following areas: Master Data, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Inventory, Supply Chain, Etc.
    • Are you happy with your people, process, or software solutions currently being used within the organization? If no, do you need assistance assessing how to maximize the effectiveness within the organization?
    • Do you have any projects starting or in-flight where more project management support may be needed?
    • Do you have any plans to acquire or divest any of your interests?
    • Are you facing any regulatory issues? If so, what types of challenges are you facing?


    • We have in-depth experience serving clients across a wide variety of industries, including: Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Health and Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Gas and Utilities, Private Equity, Technology and Retail.
    • We are vendor and technology neutral, solely focused on helping you find the best solution for your organization.
    • Our professionals bring a business process, technical, and compliance expertise that allows you optimize your investment and do it right the first time.
    • Our practice is run by industry-leading professionals with decades of experience:
      • Master data management
      • Finance
      • HR
      • Project management
      • Security
      • Controls
      • GRC
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    • Receive bias-free, independent counsel for selecting the best system or provider.
    • Optimize your business processes and enable the best technology solutions.
    • Work with highly experienced professionals who dedicate every day to helping clients solve these very business needs. Our professionals are subject matter specialists with extensive technology and industry focused knowledge.
    • Address and effectively incorporate compliance requirements from the start.
    • We bring extensive compliance expertise to our projects and follow a risk based approach throughout our engagements.
    • Reduce the expensive and difficult recruitment efforts for capable individual contributors enabling organic internal workforce development.

    Questions? Need more info?


    Michael Sea, Chief Innovations Officer
    Risk Consulting
    (888) 2JOS-TEC


    Our team can help you drive a more efficient and effective selection and/or implementation because our professionals bring market intelligence and experience to your projects. As a result, we are able to save time.
    We have proven methodology that enables us to maximize resource time. Also, we are able to challenge the status quo by providing industry knowledge and an independent point of view.
    It’s our experience that software vendors often don’t fully understand or effectively map your business requirements to the technical capabilities of their product(s). A key part of our value is our capability and expertise in translating business requirements to highly specific technical requirements that vendors understand and can be held accountable to. We bridge the gap between your business and the software providers, saving your business valuable time and money.
    The services we offer inherently provide long-term cost savings and risk mitigation. All of our advisory projects are designed to provide value in and of themselves, but it is our ability to implement them successfully from the outset and ensure their immediate and long-term success that makes our involvement so invaluable. Our clients are assured that their implementations are done right the first time, allowing them to avoid the significant cost risk of a project failure and achieve compliant and effective business solutions from the start.

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