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As cloud adoption has skyrocketed, so too has the need for securing this vast architecture. 96% of companies now use the public cloud, and leaders recognize the need to secure sensitive data across their entire environment, even that which is not hosted on premise. However, securing the cloud is challenging because of the rapidly changing threat landscape, controls, and skillsets in the cloud environment.

We offer a variety of services designed to secure the cloud environment across access permissions, resource management, configurations, telemetry, and more.

How can JOS Help?

Our cloud security assessments identify gaps in security posture and provide actionable goals to improve the protection of business initiatives. We tailor our assessments to our clients’ specific cloud environment architecture and utilization, so we can best address their unique landscapes. Additionally, we serve as partners long beyond the initial assessment. We can help develop client teams’ cloud security abilities and implement technology to assist in the ongoing evaluation of their cloud security postures.
We help clients integrate cloud-logging capabilities with enterprise logging and monitoring processes. Organizations often have robust Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities, but if the necessary data from the cloud is not reaching the SOC then the subsequent monitoring is useless. Our projects focus on connecting the data to the SOC using the appropriate cloud architecture, while also looking at moving basic alerting capabilities into cloud native features to reduce overall data flow and spend.
We offer assessments of clients’ access policies across users and resources to holistically improve access posture. Cloud access can be confusing because of the often overlapping controls on a single resource, and we analyze, simplify, and streamline the current state and approach to future access configuration. While this naturally starts with an assessment of their access structure, we focus on lasting change by directly implementing access changes to improve clients’ posture. After the initiative, clients can feel confident their access configuration holds to best practices and minimizes risk from compromised accounts.
We offer assistance in the development of hardened resource templates for key business use cases to streamline configuration management. Our experienced team assesses common use cases for various resource types in the cloud such as VMs, containers, serverless, storage, etc. Then, our team develops hardened images that are pre-configured with the appropriate security settings for each organization. We also help clients look at commercial options for ongoing security assessments of their various resource images. This comprehensive approach ensures their developers and operations teams have a streamlined approach to quickly and easily select templates that meet their needs while also addressing security needs.
We can help analyze clients’ ongoing costs in the cloud security space to guide the reduction and unification of unnecessary expenditures. Due to the rapid expansion of cloud services, we have seen subsequent unnecessary spend develop in the use of security tools and services in the rush to curb that organizational risk. Our position as an impartial third party allows us to come in and objectively assess potential overlap in cloud security measures to provide recommendations for cost reduction.
We can evaluate the marketplace and assist clients in the selection of cloud security tools for ongoing environment management. Our team, experienced with the various vendor offerings, can help identify the solution that best fits clients’ needs. Our team can also help with the preparation and implementation of the new tool to ensure a smooth transition.
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To identify opportunities for our cloud security services ask yourself the following:
  • Does your organization have an accurate representation of the variety of cloud assets deployed across the environment?
  • Does your team have an ongoing schedule and plan for assessing your cloud security effectiveness?
  • Does your team have a prioritized roadmap for cloud security posture improvements?
  • Does your organization have the expertise needed to assess all of the critical cloud domains like Logging, IAM, Resource Configuration, Networking, Storage, etc.?
  • Does your team have the resources to dedicate individuals to assessing and securing the cloud environment?
  • Does your organization have confidence your cloud security protocols are up to standards with the relevant regulations in your industry?
  • Is your leadership team looking for external confirmation of the cloud security approach your organization is following?
  • Do you have regulators looking for defined strategies to remediate known cloud security issues?


  • Unmatched Expertise. Almost all of our security team is CISSP certified, and our cyber risk advisory practice is an unmatched combination of industry-certified experts, including CISA, CBCP, CISM, CIPP, CCSP, OSCP, OSCE, RHCT, and PCI QSA.
  • Reliable Service. Unlike some competitors, we never subcontract the work of our security engagements. To ensure our deliverables are consistent, reliable, and secure, our resources are all fulltime employees of JustOne Solutions. Our clients also benefit from working with the same security professionals year after year.
  • End-to-End Cyber Support. We offer penetration testing compliance reviews, IT risk assessments, business continuity, and IAM solutions.
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  • Accurate and comprehensive understanding of client cloud environment, including access and resource breakdowns.
  • Prioritized recommendations, detailed remediation roadmaps, and actionable insights to mitigate business risks.
  • Secure configurations for a variety of public cloud services to further scale with confidence.
  • Ongoing analysis of cloud posture through leading technology partnerships and assisted implementations.
  • Cloud security expertise added to client team to improve holistic coverage on an ongoing basis.

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