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Compliance with PCI DSS requirements is a reality for merchants that accept credit card payments. While PCI compliance shields your organization from liability, it does not ensure complete protection of cardholder data. As a result, JustOne Solutions (JOS) works with our clients as a trusted partner for PCI, rather than just a onetime assessor. The security experts embedded in our PCI teams allow us to strengthen your defenses through the PCI assessment process, giving you far more ROI than other “check-the-box” assessors. We also work to integrate your PCI compliance program with other requirements, reducing your total cost of compliance.


We compare each requirement of the PCI DSS with your current practices to determine your compliance, and can issue a ROC and an AOC if compliance has been achieved.
As a certified ASV, we provide quarterly external scans of your cardholder data environment, as well as internal network scans to pinpoint any vulnerabilities or threats to your network.
As a certified ASV, we provide quarterly external scans of your cardholder data environment, as well as internal network scans to pinpoint any vulnerabilities or threats to your network.
Once your organization has been deemed compliant, we will provide ongoing support to ensure that new policies, procedures, and applications meet compliance requirements. We will also advise on any new or ongoing security initiatives that may affect compliance each year.
We evaluate the architecture of your network environment to determine its compliance with the DSS and correct any existing design flaws.
We attempt to gain access to your networks using real-world methods used by malicious hackers. Each asset undergoes a comprehensive attack, and the results are evaluated and prioritized.
We will walk through the self-assessment questionnaire with you to help you develop the best possible response and determine any weak points you may have.
We perform a comprehensive test of the enabled security controls meant to protect the application’s exposed user interface through both automated and skilled manual analysis.
We test your encryption and authentication technologies so you can protect the confidentiality of wireless transmissions, as well as monitor and control unauthorized network access.
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To identify opportunities for our PCI Management services ask yourself the following:

  • Are you happy with the vendor currently doing your quarterly scanning?
  • Do you feel like you could be getting more value from your annual PCI assessments?
  • How do you stay up-to-date on changes in compliance mandates?


  • Experience. We are a proven PCI QSA and ASV with over a decade of experience providing PCI assessments for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Our professionals boast top industry certifications including: PCI QSA, CISSP, CISA, CIPP and more.
  • Trusted Partner. We serve our PCI clients as a trusted partner rather than as a one-time assessor, offering a full range of cyber security services to help you go above and beyond in securing your cardholder data.
  • Cost Savings. We pair our PCI services with our expertise in other forms of regulatory compliance, allowing you to consolidate your many compliance initiatives, saving you time and money.
  • Reliable Service. We do not utilize any subcontractors – every member of our security team is a full-time onshore employee, ensuring stable and consistent performance along with effective and clear communication.
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  • Improve real-world security and achieve PCI compliance.
  • Protect your business and limit liability with a successful Report on Compliance.
  • Get an accurate picture of your risks with a report that ranks areas of non-compliance by risk level.
  • Leverage a diverse tool box of related security services including risk assessments, penetration testing and network segmentation.
  • Reduce compliance costs by integrating PCI requirements with other compliance mandates.

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There’s certainly value in continuity, but we’ve found that many companies that switch to us after years with Trustwave/etc. report a more impactful PCI process, higher quality deliverables, and often lower overall costs. You of course are under no obligation to change your provider, but I’d love the opportunity to connect you with our PCI practice leader for at least a discussion on how we approach PCI compliance and how it differs from Trustwave/etc.
There are cheaper providers, of course, that will run the scan and check the box. We don’t approach PCI compliance that way. We work to make real, tangible improvements to your IT environment through the PCI process. Instead of working to make a one-time fix, we help you bake in better IT governance and controls – which saves you money and effort on future PCI audits and simplifies compliance with a host of other mandates as well. For a little extra spend, we deliver far more value and allow our buyer to have a much greater impact within their organization.

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