Identity Governance &
Access Management


JustOne Solutions (JOS) specializes in helping our clients create, justify, and execute Identity Governance and Access Management programs for their organizations. We provide organizations with the tools and expertise needed to apply proper control mechanisms around managing user lifecycle processes and user access permissions both inside and outside corporate borders.

We can help you design and build a modern IAM program that will provide your organization with immediate business value, while also securing your data and improving your overall risk and compliance posture. Our professionals have first-hand experience implementing all industry-leading solutions in this space (including SailPoint, Ping, OneIdentity, CyberArk, and ForgeRock), allowing us to evaluate different technology options, and then help you incorporate the right solution with a focus on delivering a quick and tangible return on investment.

Once it’s been deployed, we can manage your solution with our remote, sustained support offering. And, unlike other integrators, we also bring robust compliance expertise, ensuring that your systems and processes are implemented and integrated in a way that meets your compliance requirements from the beginning.

How can JOS Help?

  • API Security / API Secure Management
  • Authentication for Operating Systems Federation
  • Multi-Factor or Strong Authentication
  • Risk Based Authentication
  • Single Sign-On
  • Web Access Management
  • Access Certification / Attestation Solutions
  • Audit / Reporting Trails
  • Privileged Account Management Solutions
  • Role Management / Role Discovery Solutions
  • SoD Policy Management
  • Unstructured Data Discovery & Management
  • User Provisioning / Lifecycle Management Solutions
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP Directory
  • Virtual Directory
  • Development
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Operational Support
  • Planning & Design
  • Production Support
  • Rapid Strategy/Maturity Assessments
  • Testing

We have extensive experience implementing a wide range of leading solutions for our customers.

  • OpenAM – Access Management
  • OpenDJ – Directory Services
  • OpenIDM – Identity Management
  • OpenICF – ICF connectors
  • OpenIG – Identity Gateway


  • PingDataGovernance
  • PingDirectory
  • PingFederate
  • PingID
  • PingIntelligence
  • PingOne


  • SailPoint IdentityIQ Compliance Manager
  • SailPoint IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager
  • SailPoint IdentityNow
  • SailPoint SecurityIQ

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To identify opportunities for our Identity Governance and Access Management program tools ask yourself the following:
  • Are you still using first-generation IAM and IGA tools like Oracle OIM and OAM?
  • Can you describe your current on-boarding and off-boarding process? Is it mostly manual or do you have tools and processes to help make the process easier?
  • How do you manage access to your key information systems? Are there any controls in place?
  • Is it easy for your employees and contractors to request additional access to the resources they need?
  • How do you regulate consumers accessing your business services? Do you like the way this is handled today?
  • Do you find it’s a challenge within your organization to manage users’ forgotten password requests? Is there a heavy burden on the service desk in this area or do users have a way to reset their passwords themselves?
  • How long does it usually take to grant new users access to the resources they need to do their job from day one?
  • Do you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program within your organization? How do people securely access corporate email and corporate assets on these devices?
  • Have you already picked your IAM or IDaaS software vendor?
  • Do you have a provisioning project?
  • How do you do certifications on entitlements and applications? (How often? Spreadsheets? Pain level?) Did your auditors find any issues with your GRC process, SOD process, internal controls process


  • Team. Our work is conducted by on-shore, full-time employees to ensure consistency, communication and a streamlined deployment.
  • Transparency. We embrace projects as a joint endeavor and as a blended team, ensuring full transparency and visibility into our services.
  • Quality. We’ve built our reputation on it – we are a growing, dynamic company that always operates with integrity, sincerity, and reliability.
  • Compliance. Our combination of compliance SMEs and technical implementers is unparalleled. We have inhouse compliance teams with specialists in GRC, SOX, HIPAA, HITECH, and more ensure your solution is compliant and secure from the start.
  • Agility. Unlike Big 4 firms, we can remain agile, yet committed to supporting a best practices approach to delivery.
  • Experience. Most of our professionals have 5-10 years of first-hand implementation experience with leading IAM technologies.
  • Collaboration. We collaborate with our clients to provide knowledge transfer and subject matter expertise, putting them in the driver’s seat for managing their own IAM systems.
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  • Ensure a successful implementation that effectively supports your business, compliance, and technical requirements.
  • Leverage our partner relationships to ensure that your IAM project is prioritized by the technology vendor and leads to a successful outcome.
  • Understand when and how it is appropriate to leverage identity and access management services in the cloud.
  • Utilize cloud services and infrastructure without compromising the integrity of your data.
  • Transition from legacy IAM systems and manual processes with minimal risk and disruption to your operations and user community.

Questions? Need more info?


Michael Sea, Chief Innovations Officer
Technology Integration
(888) 2JOS-TEC


We can help you build out a cost justification for this kind of program by helping you budget appropriately and build a business case that demonstrates tangible ROI to your enterprise. For most organizations, it takes the better part of a year to plan and budget for an IAM initiative. We can help you get there.
In our experience, that often means that IAM solutions are even more crucial than if your security organization were mature. We can lead the effort and help you get to an outcome where your security team (admins) will not be nearly as burdened by day-to-day operational activities. You can reallocate your team to work on other projects. We’ll take the lead on implementing the software, and we can even manage the infrastructure if you don’t have people who can admin the tool once we leave – it’s totally up to you.
These solutions can actually help make those projects/initiatives a lot easier. Give us an opportunity to talk to you about that.
Then use us to help you prioritize what matters. We can hand-hold you through this process and guide you to focus on the things that will bring the most benefit and value-add to your organization in the smallest amount of time.

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