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Who can access your sensitive data, where is it going and where is it stored? Businesses need to be able to answer these questions confidently in order to prevent breached and avoid compliance penalties. Through JustOne Solutions (JOS) Data Privacy practice, clients are able to confidently manage their regulatory and industry compliance efforts. Our in-house legal experts – nearly all of whom are CIPP accredited – boast tremendous expertise and regularly develop customized solutions to tackle complex privacy challenges. We partner with clients to develop privacy programs that ensure alignment with various regulatory and industry standards through a range of offerings, including: HIPAA compliance support, GDPR and CCPA compliance, privacy office services, third-party risk management, and data mapping projects.

How can JOS Help?

We provide HIPAA compliance support to companies across the U.S., including some of the top healthcare providers, technology companies, and insurance providers. We boast a unique combination of experience in both HIPAA privacy and security, along with a sincere determination for client satisfaction.
  • Perform risk analysis that meets the objectives of the Security Rule and Meaningful Use Core Objective to Protect Electronic Health Information.
  • Enhance Vendor Management Procedures.
  • Evaluate use and disclosure consideration.
  • Conduct assessments and mock audits to validate compliance with Security & Privacy Rule requirements.
We regularly serve as an extension of our clients’ privacy offices, performing privacy assessments, technical expertise, and resourcing support. Our library of templates and best practices can be leveraged to jump start or enhance an existing privacy program.
  • Assess how, where, and why your data is being stored and collected, and compare the effectiveness of your privacy controls against compliance mandates and best practices.
  • Implement an effective and compliant privacy policy to provide your organization with a framework for continuous monitoring and instill a means for enforcing your privacy principles.
  • Develop a sound breach notification plan that allows your organization to recover from a potential breach, accommodating customer based information confidentiality regulations and avoiding penalties.
We’ve built a comprehensive methodology to help clients evaluate and mature privacy compliance programs; we offer full lifecycle support, from initial assessments and compliance roadmaps to program design and managed support.
  • Conduct a readiness assessment report that provides a holistic view of current processes and state of alignment.
  • Design your compliant program and operationalize the governance, operational, and technology components needed to align with the GDPR, CCPA, or other data security regulations.
  • Manage the ongoing burden to your operational staff with turnkey solutions for DPO-related responsibilities, DPIAs, third-party risk, and more.
We help organizations understand the lifecycle of sensitive information for key processes throughout their business.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your controls and safeguards. Create a master repository of information lifecycle details, including: data element types, collection mechanisms, transfers, privacy and security practices, and transfers to third parties.
  • Establish a sensitivity index to focus control enhancements on areas of highest privacy and security risks.
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To identify opportunities for our Data Privacy practice services ask yourself the following:
  • Who or what function in your organization is accountable for compliance with privacy regulations?
  • Do you have a process in place for vetting potential vendors and third parties in terms of their IT risk and cyber security practices?
  • Are you worried that you’re vulnerable to the same kind of data breach that hit Target, Home Depot, and others in recent years?
  • Are you confident that you would be able to meet your legal requirements in the event of a data breach?
  • Have you begun to plan for how you will be compliant with GDPR and/or CCPA?


  • Experience. We have 10 years of experience delivering data privacy engagements for hundreds of customers, including Fortune 50 organizations across a wide range of industries.
  • Packaged Audits. Our risk analysis, gap analysis, and policy and procedure development services work in tandem to provide a single solution with minimal impact on business operations.
  • Diverse Expertise. Our team brings legal*, regulatory compliance, IT governance, and audit expertise to every project. Our in-house legal experts provide quick, valuable guidance on regulatory standards, and nearly all of our professionals are CIPP accredited.
  • Technology Fluency. We have partnered with leaving privacy tools, including OneTrust, to add efficiency and sustainability to even the most complicated privacy programs. We’re also adept at working with your existing in-house toolset, including top GRC, IRM, and ERP systems used to manage privacy processes.

*JustOne Solutions is not a law firm and does not 
provide legal advice.

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  • Harmonize industry best practices and regulatory requirements including HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and CCPA.
  • Manage the complex set of risks posed by third parties, and establish a continuous monitoring strategy to mitigate those risks.
  • Understand the life cycle of sensitive information as it moves through your business.
  • Determine how sensitive data is being stored and processed in your organization, and develop a strategy for reducing risks.
  • Evaluate the strength and effectiveness of the controls and safeguards over your data
  • Ensure HIPAA, HITECH, and/or GDPR compliance with our streamlined audits that focus on minimizing impact on business operations.

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Data Privacy
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If you’ve already got a good handle on it, that’s great. We’ve found that often times it’s helpful for people in your role to have a conversation with our SMEs to learn about what other organizations are doing, and best practices. We’re happy to share insights, even outside of a formal engagement.
While there is time left to prepare, it’s our experience that the earlier an organization gets started, the easier and less painful the processes—and the greater chance that they get it right the first time. Especially with such large fines, this one is important to get right.

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