The best-run organizations are using data analytics to build smarter and more efficient processes and unlock the value in their massive quantities of untapped data. Internal audit departments, in particular, have a lot to gain from data analytics – as it can be used to automate tedious tasks and monitor controls automatically. We have the certified data analytics experts to develop scripts and design dashboards for analytics initiatives of any size, and we will get it right the first time. Our deeply experienced team merges IT and business expertise to effectively identify and implement analytics based on your existing business processes, and offer real-world insights on building analytics that can help drive revenue and increase cost savings. More importantly, our programs give you the tools needed to make a real impact on your business – from cutting fraud, waste, and abuse to simplifying processes to supply chain forecasting and operational excellence.

How can JOS Help?

Data Analytics services are applicable to any industry. We have particular strength and experience with retail, manufacturing, financial services, and insurance. JustOne Solutions (JOS) offers:
We help internal audit functions move toward continuous auditing and continuous monitoring processes – advanced analytics initiatives that allow for significant cost savings through reduced manual testing on controls that are tedious and ripe for automation. Continuous auditing allows for ongoing evaluations of important controls, especially those that involve a large amount of data. With these initiatives, routine control-based testing can often be completely automated and based on full populations, not just samples.
We help organizations identify trends and patterns in their data that can be used to produce better forecasts. Forecasting analytics initiatives can help your business achieve operational excellence by leveraging the insights buried in your data, and enabling better-informed decision-making.
We have supported numerous data migrations from legacy ERP systems to new systems. Data migration is an essential step for any new system implementation or upgrade. We map your existing data to your new system’s format, resulting in higher data quality and eliminating obsolete information which allows the new system to run smoothly and effectively.
We enable organizations to deliver greater insights from their data with the integration and design of customized dashboards in visual analytics platforms such as Tableau. These dashboards allow business leaders to easily see, understand, and translate corporate data into actionable intelligence. We offer a variety of services to help you get a visual handle on your complex data. With these visual tools, your organization can generate provocative reports and better identify instances of fraud, waste, and abuse.

We are technology agnostic and can work with every major analytics tool provider on the market, ensuring that our advice is unbiased and solely focused on finding the best solution.

JOS does maintain partnerships or have certifications with certain best-in-class technologies, including:

  • ACL (Galvanize)
  • Arbutus
  • Alteryx
  • Tableau
  • Splunk
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  • Experience. Our Data Analytics team is led by analytics experts and leaders with in-house executive experience, include former CAEs. Furthermore, we have experts around the country specializing in data analytics and data visualization.
  • Technology Independent. We work with every major analytics tool provider on the market, ensuring that our counsel is unbiased and solely focused on finding what best fits your needs. We can also help you evaluate the best analytic tool for your specific needs, providing unbiased advice based on our experience with the major tools.
  • Proven Script Library. We have amassed a large repository of proven scripts from our decades of experience, and have the ability to design custom scripts when needed.
  • Business Fluency. We can speak the language of your data team, and of your business executives. This allows us to gather requirements from across your organization, communicate the results to executives, and work with business leaders to plan and executive projects that meet specific business needs.
  • Pilot Program. We offer the option of running analytics pilot programs using our existing technical environment and analytics tools. This allows you to achieve immediate results and demonstrate the value of analytics before making an investment in software licenses.


  • Reduce time spent on redundant audit tasks through automation.
  • Automate routine controls testing with a continuous controls monitoring program.
  • Identify errors and potential fraud as they happen – not weeks or months later.
  • Analyze full populations of data rather than samples for the greatest possible accuracy.
  • Cleanly mine, migrate, and verify data transfers between new or changing systems.
  • Utilize risk-based analytics to efficiently apply a risk scoring to vendors to better understand the potential exposure level from each vendor and your entire vendor ecosystem.
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To identify opportunities for data analytics services ask yourself the following:
  • Do you feel as though you’re getting sufficient value out of your current analytics initiatives?
  • Is your internal audit function burdened by manual controls testing?
  • Do you think there are opportunities to automate routine processes within your company?
  • Do you have concerns about detecting fraud in your business? How easy or difficult is it to detect issues today?
  • Do you think your inventory management is as efficient as it could be?
  • Are you interested in establishing an analytics program at your company?
  • Do you currently own any analytics software? Has it become shelfware?


We have deep experience in setting up analytics programs, not just analyzing the data itself. We have the expertise, script library, and technical skills to help you do the key steps needed to corral your data for analytics purposes.
If you can’t currently budget for a full analytics program, you can leverage our hosted analytics program where we conduct the analysis over data that you want deeper insights on, and we provide you with the results. You’d still get to reap the same benefits and ROI that a full analytics program provides, but without the up-front cost of a major software purchase.

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