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JOS defends your organization against security threats by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information to your internal organization and your external clients.

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In today’s global economy, networks form the backbone of companies’ operations and are expanding quickly with skilled professionals who possess effective leadership to build, maintain, and upgrade systems critical to the organizational structure. JOS offers cutting-edge opportunities as technology becomes more sophisticated by providing its clients a comprehensive cyber strategy to balance enterprise security with your organization’s need for innovation and expansion.  


The need for cybersecurity standards encompasses privacy issues, current and proposed cybersecurity legislation, how to illustrate information technology security solutions, researching new threats, and harnessing the latest and most innovative tools. JOS demonstrates a working knowledge of computer networks on the leading edge of the penetration testing market…we will not leave you stranded.

JOS does security differently!


JOS teaches you how to use the tools and techniques of the industry. Our varied sessions offer access to systems, instruct on ethical hacking methodologies, and gain hands-on experience in our cloud-hosted cyber range, including reconnaissance.


JOS enterprise services venture from single software solutions to specific business problems, utilizing an architectural format which combines engineering discipline and computer science to solve practical business problems. Applying current programming languages to implement relational databases that support web-based applications, your technology stays fast and your organization stays ahead of the curve. JOS offers integrated solutions to your complex problems!


Our infrastructure is used to collect, manage, preserve, store and deliver information; we then provide effective and expedited solutions to the right people at the right time. No project too large and no task too small. Our management team uniquely reviews all organizational policies and procedures, both digital and physical, to ensure the best success for your organization.

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JOS equips your organization with the knowledge to make you a leader in technology. Our professionals have worked with revolutionary leaders who have played a central role in developing the technology we all use today…we secure it for you. We stay current on the research that affects the work we do and the different lives we impact. Let us continue this tradition of excellence with you.

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JOS offers you an assured program plan with a strong foundation and flexibility alongside the changes of the program.
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