JustOne Solutions Founder and CEO, Jerone J. Jones discusses Cybersecurity Solutions for the Department of Defense

CEOCFO Magazine interviews JustOne Solutions, LLC Founder & Chief Executive, Jerone J. Jones on providing CMMC Training


“Although many of our clients are DoD and government entities, we are now moving to the public and private sector and multiple educational spaces.”

— Jerone J. Jones


“JustOne Solutions (JustOne) is a cybersecurity consulting and training company that focuses on Cloud and Security Operations,” said Mr. Jones during the interview. When asked by CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse what he understands about cybersecurity that perhaps others do not, Mr. Jones said, “It’s important that people realize our lives are becoming digital to the point where the everyday citizen should understand how cybersecurity plays a role in our daily lives. It should not be an anomaly or something unattainable for everyone. We need to internalize the role security plays in our future. We need to understand its data, and most importantly, how we can secure it.”

In the interview, Mr. Jones discussed his career and involvement in workforce development centers, “At the beginning of my career, I started as a trainer and instructor. My past work was alongside the military and government agencies under ordinances such as 85-70. The 85-70 ordinance is Department of Defense (DoD) approved, showing the various certifications needed for different levels of jobs and positions within the government; we have an excellent footprint there. However, a lot of our consulting in the last year and a half has been education with workforce development centers. I love this work because you raise the competency level of the everyday person, and we help transitioning people within the industry.” Mr. Jones added, “One of our programs assists military personnel and their families transitioning from the military to civilian workforce in IT with different certifications and updated IT skills. Providing service to military members and their families is a big passion for JustOne Solutions. Another program we have is the Four Pillars of Strategic IT Education. This program helps students, whether going from high school to college, high school into the industry, or from college into the industry, with different cyber skills, cyber certifications, and job skills. We have transitioned a couple of our major programs into workforce development centers and are currently talking to other public, private, state, and federal agencies.”

Mr. Jones was asked about the JustOne training courses and what makes them so effective, “Training is the central factor for reaching any audience. Whether with the military, local citizens, or cyber experts, it is crucial to gauge the aptitude of the audience before instruction. One of my first training jobs was through the City of Chicago, providing basic IT level training for students to receive certifications to get off federal assistance. The majority of my students did not have many computer skills, so I had to teach the basics of computers and then advance from there. I found myself slowing down the course and doing a “teach-back method.” The format of this session entails me teaching a course chapter and pairing them as a team with different textbook chapters. Each team would become the subject matter expert and instruct the class. This instructional style gave each student ownership of their particular material. As the lead instructor, I determined if they genuinely understood the information and the other students inserted relevant examples of their environment.”

Explaining the breakdown between consulting and training services, Mr. Jones told CEOCFO, “In the last 10 to 15 years of my career, I have done a lot with security operations, mainly security information, event management, security orchestration, and automated response. JustOne’s portfolio includes work within the DoD and other small to large government agencies for consultations on building Security Operation Centers (SOCs). Additionally, our team contracts for implementing, configuring, and training clients’ security teams on numerous security products.” He continued, “JustOne is a registered RPO (Registered Practitioner Organization) for CMMC, a new cybersecurity ordinance issued a couple of years ago by the government. Although many of our clients are DoD and government entities, we are now moving to the public and private sector and multiple educational spaces. We are teaming with colleges and universities to implement programming that will offer on-the-job training aligned with the current workforce.”

As to whether it was deliberate or opportunistic to move outside of government, “We have partnered with many small businesses to expand, but in doing so, sometimes, one could become another entity to different industries. We realize that more of our services, beyond government politics, are venturing with other sectors. While the opportunity gap for minority-based businesses in IT is vast, contracting with nongovernmental companies needing the same services has proven more accessible and more sustainable for JustOne. These partnerships enable JustOne more creative licensure to implement programming and build and nurture relationships without the time restrictions of short contracts,” said Mr. Jones.

Addressing what has changed for JustOne under COVID, Mr. Jones went on to say, “Under COVID, the biggest change was transitioning to a complete virtual setup; we were usually in front of students 8-10 hours a day. Virtually, people often become lost in the shuffle sitting at home, perhaps with children and pets, and several things to redirect their attention. It is not to say that one cannot zone out while sitting and interacting with another person, but many of our courses were onsite. We miss that form of engagement because it provides a more intimate setting. Virtual classes are great also, but as an instructor in the onsite course, I could get to know my students and their background.”

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