We go the nontraditional route and offer participants a unique experience to build upon a foundational understanding of information technology and cybersecurity.


Why still train for a 20th century education in a 21st century world? 

Learning & Community: JOS partners with a number of universities, institutions and training vendors that provide a sweeping array of options for students looking to fulfill higher educational needs. Some of our alliance partners even extend discounted tuition and rates for learning opportunities to students.

Creative Development: JOS programs support a variety of professionals, with accommodations for collaborative groups and creatives to contribute their expertise from their respective discipline. We engage participants in stimulated environments and nurture them within a community of like-minded professionals to enhance their rich experiences. 


We provide innovative undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education partnering with leaders in the industry as core instructors and facilitators to develop a robust curriculum. Our offerings eliminate up-front fees, minimize out-of-pocket expenses and facilitate your employees’ technical certifications, certificates, and degrees.

Your employees can earn Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificates as well as certifications in cybersecurity, information technology, cloud computing, all online. To learn more about our partnerships, contact one of team leaders.

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